Louis Hebert and Marie Rollet

Louis Hebert 1575 – Jan 1627 & Marie Rollet abt 1577 – May 1649 are to Quebec history what Adam and Eve are to the Bible. These ancestors are my 10x great grandparents on my maternal line.

Being the “first family” of New France, later known as Quebec, Louis and Marie are the essence of Canadian history 101. My biographical posts are not meant to be comprehensive analyses but rather a glimpse into their lives to elicit further inquiry by their descendants and other interested parties.

Since Louis and Marie are so very famous there are numerous articles, videos and information on the internet about them. There is a statue commemorating them located at Parc Montmorency, Quebec City overlooking the St. Lawrence River. I am related to many people through these ancestors, a few of the more famous being Edgar Degas, Hillary Rodham Clinton and Celine Dion.

Louis Hebert and Marie Rollet were married on 19 Feb 1601 at the Church of Saint-Sulpice in Paris, France. It was in France that the couple had their three children Guillaume, Guillaumette and Anne. Louis was involved in two expeditions to the New World in 1606 and 1611 with Jean de Biencourt de Poutrincourt and Samuel de Champlain to Port Royal, Acadia, a colony of New France, which is now known as Nova Scotia.

Louis Hebert was a horticulturist and pharmacist earning his title of Master of Apothecary in 1603. Eventually Louis was asked to settle in Quebec City with his family so France could begin to establish themselves on the new continent.

On 11 Mar 1617 Louis, Marie and family boarded the ship called Saint-Etienne at the port of Honfleur, France. Louis was offered a contract of two years and pay of 300 livres to provide apothecary, medical services and farming techniques to the French colonists, trappers and indigenous people. Marie became the first school teacher in Canada as she was a literate woman. She taught her own children as well as educating the indigenous children in the care of the Jesuits.

On ten acres in what would become Quebec City together this couple cleared land by hand, planted their crops and tended to the medical needs of the colonists and indigenous people. Louis earned the honors of many firsts in Canada. He was the first white settler, the first to cultivate the land, the first Canadian seignior (noble man holding a land grant) and the first Officer of Justice in New France.

Louis Hebert died on 25 Jan 1627 from injuries he sustained from a fall on the ice. Two years later Marie remarried to Guillaume Hubou and died 20 years later in 1649. The 400th anniversary of their arrival was commemorated in 2017 at which Louis Hebert and Marie Rollet were designated as historical figures in Canada.

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Samuel Beaman 1732-1821

My maternal 6th Great Grandfather Samuel Beaman was born in Simsbury, Connecticut 2 Feb 1732 and died in Plattsburgh, New York 20 Jul 1821.

On 10 May 1775 Benedict Arnold and Ethan Allen captured Fort Ticonderoga in the Revolutionary War. It is well known that the fort was easily taken in the surprise dawn attack. It is little known that my own family members were an integral part of the way the events unfolded that day.

Samuel Beaman lived at Shoreham, Vermont and was in the business of purveying strong drink at his tavern located at Hand’s Cove on the eastern shore of Lake Champlain across from Fort Ticonderoga. Samuel was also a member of the Green Mountain Boys serving pre Revolution as well as under both Ethan Allen and Seth Warner in the capture of Fort Ticonderoga and also the invasion of Quebec during the war.

It was at Samuel Beaman’s tavern that the Green Mountain Boys assembled and prepared to cross the lake and take the fort. The Beaman Family was well acquainted with Captain William Delaplace who commanded the British military outpost.

Samuel’s son Nathan Beaman, my 6th Uncle, was a playmate to the Captain’s son. Nathan Beaman was asked to show the way in the attack as he was familiar with the layout of the fort. This allowed the troops to quietly and quickly overtake Fort Ticonderoga as he led Ethan Allen to Delaplace’s bedchamber taking him by total surprise.

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Sorting Beans

My genealogical journey began with my maternal line of the prolific Bean Family which led me to the very roots of this country. The last few years I’ve been untangling, sorting and counting Beans.

Join me weekly as I highlight and share a leaf, or a branch, of my cherished family tree. #SortingBeans