Samuel Beaman 1732-1821

My maternal 6th Great Grandfather Samuel Beaman was born in Simsbury, Connecticut 2 Feb 1732 and died in Plattsburgh, New York 20 Jul 1821.

On 10 May 1775 Benedict Arnold and Ethan Allen captured Fort Ticonderoga in the Revolutionary War. It is well known that the fort was easily taken in the surprise dawn attack. It is little known that my own family members were an integral part of the way the events unfolded that day.

Samuel Beaman lived at Shoreham, Vermont and was in the business of purveying strong drink at his tavern located at Hand’s Cove on the eastern shore of Lake Champlain across from Fort Ticonderoga. Samuel was also a member of the Green Mountain Boys serving pre Revolution as well as under both Ethan Allen and Seth Warner in the capture of Fort Ticonderoga and also the invasion of Quebec during the war.

It was at Samuel Beaman’s tavern that the Green Mountain Boys assembled and prepared to cross the lake and take the fort. The Beaman Family was well acquainted with Captain William Delaplace who commanded the British military outpost.

Samuel’s son Nathan Beaman, my 6th Uncle, was a playmate to the Captain’s son. Nathan Beaman was asked to show the way in the attack as he was familiar with the layout of the fort. This allowed the troops to quietly and quickly overtake Fort Ticonderoga as he led Ethan Allen to Delaplace’s bedchamber taking him by total surprise.

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